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Become part of our team by joining our club. At Peak Diving Club, you can join us for one session or for multiple ones. We are constantly responding to demand and running sessions accordingly.

     To participate in Experienced Diver Sessions, divers must become
     members of Peak Diving Club. This includes a yearly membership fee
     of $30, due in January or when joining.

     For new divers, we run a 3-practice beginner session. This session
     introduces basic skills. Divers learn to respond to diving 'lingo'. After
     completing the beginner session, divers may sign up for an experienced
     diver session.

     Contact us if you are interested. We will run sessions based on demand!

     Experienced diver sessions run anywhere from 5 to 8 weeks. Currently, we
     have sessions on Sunday from 1-3pm. Divers must sign up for an entire
     session. There are no make-ups for missed practices.

     Next session starts on February 21, 2010. Contact us to sign up!

Cheyenne Mountain Aquatic Center
1200 Cresta Road
Colorado Springs, CO

Cheyenne Mountain Aquatic Center was built in 1999. Every practice, we have access to 2 1-meter diving boards. We also have access to a classroom to view diving videos. Parents are welcome to watch practice from the bleachers.